God won't? Or God can't?

A few people had asked what I meant when I said it is always God's will to heal. If it's always God's will to heal, why do people not always get well? The

Efforts to dehumanize others...

Efforts to dehumanize others (through sexism, patriarchy, slavery, greed) existed before Christianity and exist where Christianity isn’t around to weaponize for their purposes. Yes, Christianity has been used to prop up these

How to Edit the Bible Like Jesus

I recently preached on two of Moses’ encounters with God. The first, in Exodus 3, Moses meets God at the burning bush. Moses, anticipating questions from the Israelites he’s been asked to

Ukraine and Texas

My prayers are directed to two things today. First, towards the people of Ukraine. “I don’t understand, I decidedly do not understand, why men can’t live without war.” “You would think