Daring Fireball - Spotify is Acquiring Two Major Podcast Surveillance Ad Tech Platforms

From John Grubar's Daring Fireball, who himself is quoting from The Verge:

Spotify isn’t just trying to become the biggest name in podcasting (which has heretofore been, but may no longer be, Apple). They’re trying to usurp podcasting as we know it — one of the last and brightest bastions of the open, simple, private, transparent internet — and turn it into a privately-owned, gated, complicated, invasive, utterly closed platform. Spotify is trying to do to podcasting what Facebook did to “having your own website”.

This is one of the reasons (Joe Rogan aside) that I left Spotify. Podcasting is a brightspot on the internet of how it was intended to be: open, private, and simple. Locking podcasts behind a Spotify subscription or tying it to sleezy levels of tracking means we're losing another piece of the original vision for the web.

Spotify Is Acquiring Two Major Podcast Surveillance Ad Tech Platforms
Link to: https://www.theverge.com/2022/2/16/22937826/spotify-podsights-chartable-acquisitions-podcast-marketing-platforms
Anthony Parrott

Anthony Parrott

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