God won't? Or God can't?

A few people had asked what I meant when I said it is always God's will to heal. If it's always God's will to heal, why do people not always get well? The

I Didn't Dupe You

I recently heard that a few folks at my former church in Iowa felt like I duped them. The claim is that for the ten years I pastored at Good News Community Church,

Thoughts on Pride 2022

For the first time this June, The Table Church marched in Washington, DC's Pride Parade. My family and I marched alongside our LGBTQ church family and allies. It was an incredibly moving experience,

Efforts to dehumanize others...

Efforts to dehumanize others (through sexism, patriarchy, slavery, greed) existed before Christianity and exist where Christianity isn’t around to weaponize for their purposes. Yes, Christianity has been used to prop up these